Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Delta under investigation after jet dumps fuel over Los Angeles affecting dozens of children

US mega-carrier Delta Air Lines is under investigation
after a Boeing 777-232(ER) registration N860DA operating flight DL89 from Los Angeles to Shanghai had to turn back after developing a problem in an engine and dumped fuel over the city.

Delta said the aircraft landed safely after the normal procedure of dumping fuel, however, the airline is under a full investigation for venting the fuel over the suburban area and not in a designated approved dumping area.  

Shortly after the plane started dumping its load to get down to a safe landing weight people on the ground started to complain about the smell of aviation fuel with a number saying that they had experienced some skin irritation after coming in contact with the fuel.

Dozens of children at three local schools in southeastern LA County were also affected by the fuel dump, according to the local police, some 28 people were affected at Park Avenue Elementary, another 12 at the 93rd Street Elementary suffered irritation. Jordan High School had also been affected however the authorities said nobody needed treatment there.  

The airline's management organised a massive damage limitation exercise on Tuesday evening the airline dispatched 13 cleaning crews to work with Los Angeles Unified School District - LAUSD crews at the schools to clean all outside surface areas that students could come into contact with.

Dana Debel, Delta’s Managing Director of Government Affairs, said airline teams worked through the night in partnership with LAUSD to ensure that all the schools were safe and able to open Wednesday. She also reiterated Delta’s commitment to working with the schools and community to address needs going forward.

"The airline continues working closely LAUSD’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety department to assist those affected by the emergency landing of Flight 89." the carrier said in a statement. 

Delta has issued a hotline number for individuals and property owners who believe they may have been affected - 800-441-5955.

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