11 January, 2020

ANA is expanding its fleet for the Narita-Honolulu route with a third A380. It also saw passenger numbers rise up in November.

The addition of new aircraft will allow for ANA to service all flights on the Tokyo Narita-Honolulu route with its customized Airbus A380s.

"Double Daily" service is scheduled to begin on July 1 upon the reception of ANA's third A380 from Airbus.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) confirmed this week it will be launching the third of its specially designed "FLYING HONU" Airbus A380 aircraft, allowing it to offer both daily flights between Narita and Honolulu on these unique aircraft. 

ANA currently provides two flights daily on the Narita-Honolulu route, with 10 flights served by Airbus A380s and four operated by Boeing 777s. Starting on July 1st, ANA will begin simultaneously operating its three Airbus A380s to support the increase in round trips on these aircraft from 10 to 14 per week. 

"We took great care in the design of our FLYING HONUs to add touches such as family-friendly seating and a custom interior that make it well suited to the Narita-Honolulu route," said Seiichi Takahashi, Senior Vice President of ANA. "Combined with design cues from Hawaiian culture, the unparalleled comfort and capacity of the FLYING HONUs will allow ANA to provide unrivalled service and efficiency on this increasingly prominent route. ANA's efforts to offer a unique flight experience for passengers travelling between Tokyo and Honolulu is just one of the steps that we have taken to ensure that we continue elevating our standards of service."

The first FLYING HONU entered service on the Narita-Honolulu route in May 2019, painted in blue to represent the Hawaiian blue sky. The second FLYING HONU is emerald green which is inspired by the crystal clear water of the Hawaiian ocean. Both of the aircraft and their unique livery were well received by passengers.

The third FLYING HONU features livery in orange inspired by the Hawaiian sunset. The final rollout of this plane will occur in late January 2020 and it is planned to be received in April 2020.

Upon accepting the third of its A380 aircraft from Airbus, ANA will work to integrate the new plane to its flight schedule so that as many passengers as possible will be able to experience the unique travel atmosphere of the FLYING HONU. ANA is constantly seeking to connect its customers with new destinations while raising the bar for comfort, efficiency and service. The customized FLYING HONUs is a testament to ANA's commitment to Japanese hospitality and strengthening connections worldwide.

November traffic report.

The well-respected airline has also released details of its performance in November last year with increases in passenger numbers 

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