29 November, 2019

Unveiling the all-new COMO Cocoa Island

Unveiling the all-new COMO Cocoa Island
A true away-from-it-all resort in the Maldives

In the translucent water of South Malรฉ's coral atolls lies an island with a Robinson Crusoe spirit. It's small enough for you to walk around the shoreline in 15 minutes, but large enough that you can go an entire day without seeing another person.

This is COMO Cocoa Island — an island that stands apart from the familial luxury resort offerings in the Maldives. It's a place for true contemplation, where you can find space to clear your thoughts as the translucent waves lap the ice-white sand.

The resort reopens on January 9th 2020 following an exciting transformation. A third of the private island is now occupied by COMO Shambhala Retreat — the island's wellness centre that embodies COMO's philosophy for healthy living. Facilities are spread out to maximise feelings of privacy and quiet, with hammocks and swings strung from trees. You can practice yoga with 360-views, take part in Pilates classes that are designed to improve posture, and experience massages in a warm hydrotherapy pool - one of the only pools of its kind in the Maldives.

COMO invite you to see it for yourself with our new COMO Cocoa Island package, which includes an immersive island excursion, from snorkelling with hawksbill turtles to watching dolphins from COMO's boat as the sunsets. It's a chance to taste the sea air, walk on sand as soft as silk, and relax on a private island that feels all your own, surrounded by an ocean the colour of gemstones.

This is still the COMO Cocoa Island you love: a place where arriving means relaxing, eating means indulging on fresh-caught seafood and sleeping means closing your eyes to the sounds of lapping waves.

Now, as part of our ongoing commitment to an award-winning reputation, we unveil our new look. Our 34 overwater villas have been recast top-to-bottom with clean-lined, contemporary interiors; some now with private pools.

The renovation emphasises the resort's natural elegance, while giving you even more space and time to relax. A third of the entire island is now occupied by COMO Shambhala Retreat — the wellness centre that embodies COMO's philosophy for healthy living. 

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