03 November, 2019

Nicki Geigert’s “Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond” Will Be on Exhibit at the 2019 Miami Book Fair

The book, will be displayed at the country’s largest literary festival. It is a story about family travel with accompanying photos depicting the natural fascinating beauty of Madagascar.
Travel junkies, as well as photography enthusiasts, can check out the exhibit of travel photographer Nicki Geigert’s book “Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond” (Blurb; 2017) at the Miami Book Fair 2019 Street Fair on November 22-24, 2019 at Miami Dade College (Wolfson Campus) in Downtown Miami.

The Miami Book Fair, founded in 1984 as “Books by the Bay,” aims to promote reading; encourage the writing craft, and; spread the awareness of literacy and the literary arts in Miami’s multi-ethnic community. Aside from the weekend Street Fair, the book fair, which will run from Nov. 17-24, will include author talks, book signings, panel discussions, musical performances, and other activities.

Geigert’s travel photo book, “Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond,” will be exhibited by ReadersMagnet at the Street Fair.

Re-published by Readers Magnet, and available with both ReadersMagnet and Amazon the travel photo book was also featured in Frankfurt and the LA times,  and reveals a majestic African island nation teeming with exotic flora and fauna.  Geigert, who had visited Madagascar with her family in 2016, said, “Madagascar is home to some of the most unique and unusual species of wildlife in the entire world and has almost 25,000 species of wild animals, with a good number being endangered species.”

Pictures of lemurs, reptiles, baobab trees, the ecological landscape, and scenes of local life and culture abound in the collection.  Also included are pictures Geigert took during her stop at a wildlife sanctuary in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Order Nicki Geigert’s “Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond” today through the author’s website http://www.nickigeigertbooks.com/

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond
Author | Nicki Geigert
Publisher | Blurb and re-published by Readers’ Magnet

Nicki Geigert has been passionate about photography as a hobby since childhood.  Now, as a professional photographer and travel writer, she has photographed on all seven continents.  Her work has been featured in gallery shows, and travel guides, and also sold as wall art.  Her book, “Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond,” was also chosen at both the Frankfurt International Book Fair, and the LA Times International Book Fair to represent the Travel Section.

Her extensive experience of photographing throughout the world has shown her that beauty is everywhere. She has been witness to life in third-world countries, where the cultures and governments are much different from here in North America. Capturing different lifestyles, wildlife, and landscapes are what drives her passion.

As a landscape and nature photographer, Nicki’s beautiful photos that capture wildlife in their natural habitats are what set her apart from other photographers. She likes to get up close and personal in capturing the candid moments of life. She hopes to keep traveling the world and expanding her portfolio.

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