22 November, 2019

MiG Corporation Negotiated With Potential Buyers of Export Version of MiG-35 at Dubai Airshow-2019

As a part of the joint exposition of PJSC UAC, MiG Corporation held a series of negotiations with potential buyers of the export version of the MiG-35 multirole fighter, and discussed maintenance and modernization of the earlier supplied aircraft.

"During the Soviet era, a number of the Middle East countries had received a total of more than 1000 MiG aircraft of the second, third and fourth generations. All of them had shown high effectiveness in local conflicts. Today we offer our advanced combat aircraft solutions for this market – multirole fighters that present the best combination of cost and combat effectiveness," noted General Director of JSC RAC MiG Ilya Tarasenko.

The export version of the multirole fighter features updated on-board radar equipment, as well as modified geometry airframe, which provides unique maneuverability characteristics when presented to up to 9G gravity load. Also, while designing the export modification of the aircraft, JSC RAC MiG came up with improved information and control system of the cockpit: the aircraft is equipped with the next-generation multifunctional indicators for the first time. The MiG-35 equipment package includes active electronically scanned array (AESA), capable of locking-on and tracking up to 30 aerial targets simultaneously; optoelectronic reconnaissance system, as well as an infrared search and track station for searching, tracking and viewing the air, ground and sea space.

The MIG-35 is equipped with RD-33MK engines, which, in combination with unique characteristics of the airframe, ensure unparalleled maneuverability, high thrust to weight ratio and air combat effectiveness. The modular airborne avionics system and open software architecture allow using all the available range of standard and advanced aircraft armaments and to integrate customer's weapons. The aircraft was presented to the public for the first time at a special multimedia exhibition located opposite the PJSC UAC chalet.

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