13 November, 2019

KLM saw an increase in passenger numbers in October and MBO College Airport and KLM opens aviation logistics school

The month of October showed an increase in KLM passenger numbers. KLM had 3.6% more passengers on board this month compared to the same month last year. With a higher transport of 3.0% in passenger-kilometres and a higher capacity of seat kilometres of 2.4%, the load factor increased slightly compared to the same month last year. Passenger growth was particularly visible at destinations in Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America.

"In October we recorded higher traffic results compared to the same month last year. A good increase in customers with both KLM Passage and Transavia. The cargo business, on the other hand, is having a hard time with a significant drop in volumes. Because costs are rising and revenues remain under pressure across the entire breadth of the business, saving costs remains our priority. " Said Pieter Elbers - KLM President & CEO

MBO College Airport and KLM opens aviation logistics school

KLM and MBO College Airport, part of ROC van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Regional Training Centre), have developed a high quality simulation environment for aviation logistics at Schiphol. This merges KLM's business school with regular intermediary vocational courses to form a specialised school for aviation logistics. The new training centre at Hoofddorp was officially opened on Tuesday 12th November. 

The site in Diamantlaan, Hoofddorp – where ROC van Amsterdam has consolidated its (aviation) logistics courses – underwent a massive transformation over the summer. A completely new reconstruction of a baggage system was built, along with an apron and aircraft stands, and a hi-tech video room were practical situations and everyday scenarios can be simulated.

Unique partnership unique to this partnership between the ROC van Amsterdam and KLM is that both organisations will use the simulation environment. KLM will use it to train existing employees (as part of its life-long learning strategy) and lateral-entrants.

"I am incredibly proud of our partnership with MBO College Airport. Together we have set up an entirely new course, including facilities, in less than a year. Our future KLM colleagues will be able to learn a profession here before they start work at KLM. They will follow a balanced theoretical and practical programme, which will teach them to load, unload, scan, and lift. The tempo will gradually increase so that they learn all the intricacies of the job and can effortlessly keep up when they start work." said Eelco van Asch, Senior Vice President KLM.

Being able to practice working with Schiphol's logistical processes in highly realistic environments thoroughly prepares the MBO College Airport logistics students for work.

Philip Mol, chairman of the board of MBO College Airport said, “The practical opportunities for students and employees that this partnership brings, give an enormous boost to the talent pool that is available to KLM and Schiphol."

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