18 October, 2019

New Airline Riga-Stockholm: BRA World Premiere for Carbon Offsetted Flights for Everyone

BRAND NEW................Swedish Braathens Regional Airlines will open a new direct route from Riga International Airport to Stockholm City Airport Bromma, from 30 of March 2020. 

Flight are on sale now and fares start at just €60 including full carbon offset, beverages and a snack onboard. Braathens Regional Airlines is the only commercial airline in the world to include carbon offset for everyone in the ticket fare - at no extra charges.

It is the demand for sustainable international flights, followed by the flight shame in Sweden, that makes Braathens Regional Airlines expand into new, international markets.

Braathens Regional Airlines was the first airline in the World in 2018, that made it possible for all passengers to pre-book flights with fossil-free bio-jet fuel. Now followed by other airlines.

Riga – Stockholm (local times)
Mo: 13.50
Tu: 13.50
We: 13.50
Th: 13.50
Fr: 13.50
Sa: -
Su: 16.10
Times may be subject to adjustments
Stockholm – Riga (local times)
Mo: 11.10
Tu: 11.10
We: 11.10
Th: 11.10
Fr: 11.10
Sa: -
Su: 13.25
Times may be subject to adjustments
Braathens Regional Airlines, shortened BRA, operate most cities in Sweden of all airlines: Stockholm City Airport Bromma, Gothenburg, Malmoe, Sundsvall, Umeå, Visby, Norrköping, Kalmar, Växjö, Ronneby, Kristianstad, Ängelholm, Halmstad, Trollhättan, Sälen Trysil, Östersund. Also: Oslo Torp, Berlin, Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki, Lyon.

The possibility to book flights to many of the cities from Riga via Stockholm City Airport Bromma will open later this year.

The Riga-Stockholm-flights is to be carried out with Braathens Regional Airlines new and modern ATR 72-600 aircraft. The most fuel-efficient available for regional aviation. The flight time is estimated to 70 minutes and the aircraft carry 72 passengers.

Braathens Regional Airlines is the leading regional airline in Sweden, with a market share of 30 percent. BRA operates to 16 domestic destinations and five international cities. BRA carries more than 2,2 million passengers annually. Braathens Regional Airlines has the most satisfied airline passengers in Sweden and outperform leading international airlines in punctuality (93 %). 1100 persons are employed, and the brand BRA was formed in 2016 after consolidation of ten Swedish regional airlines. The airline DNA reaches back to 1946, when the very first airline of the owner family Braathens was founded, Braathens S.A.F.E.

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