29 October, 2019

Magellan Jets ELEVATES their Corporate Membership Programme

Magellan Jets, an elite private jet travel provider for the country’s busiest executives, has ELEVATED their Corporate Membership Program. The updated membership comes in response to a surge in business travel among Magellan Jets customers.

ELEVATE is a risk-free private jet membership with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, the first of its kind in private aviation. Whether you need primary or supplemental lift, for a minimal initial investment. you can now access five categories of aircraft all at a fixed price, with as little as six hours’ notice. This includes flying multiple aircraft on any day of your choice if needed. The prices are all inclusive of fuel and catering. It’s a CFO’s dream program.

With the possibility of a recession in 2020, it seems like common sense businesses would be wise to cut back on big expenses. But instead of waiting for a financial crisis, Magellan Jets propose that making moves now can make any organization more agile and profitable during both growth and shrinking economic cycles. A few examples of why it is counter-productive to cut back on private aviation travel include:

42% of high-value clients leave their current provider of business services when in-person engagements were cut from the schedule. When budgets are tight and economic pressure is high, prospects that were engaged in-person were twice as likely to become customers than prospects that were engaged with electronic or other telepresence.

Companies that re-deployed their travel dollars into appropriately scaled and well-managed private aviation portfolios grew twice as fast post-recession as companies that had eliminated their business aviation solutions. The NBAA says, “We have found our top leaders have been much more effective in running the company and promoting the company’s continued success because of their use of business aviation. By using business aircraft they are able to truly maximize their productivity.”

ELEVATE delivers flexibility and simplicity with a comprehensive risk-free aviation solution. With the freedom to use any aircraft in the program 365 days a year with no blackout days or peak surcharges, Magellan is eliminating the stress and ambiguity from travel planning and giving their members complete control of their flight schedule.

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