Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sudden sink caused ATR hard landing

Colombian air accident investigators say that The Regional Express Airlines ATR 72-600 encountered a suddenly sink or downdraft just a few moments before it was to touchdown on 7th September, which lead to a tail strike and hard landing.

The aircraft, registration HK-5041 is said to have suffered significant structural damage during the accident at Manizales in central Colombia. According to meteorological data there were no adverse weather conditions at La Nubia airport at time of the incident. 

The ATR had been performing a flight, AV4852 on behalf of Avianca from Bogota and none of the 55 passengers and crew on board was seriously injured during the incident. 

French investigation authority BEA is helping with the investigation and have briefed local media that the aircraft experienced a "sudden sink" over the threshold of the runway. 

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