Friday, 30 August 2019

Staminier takes 13 acre land option at London Gatwick Airport for a car park!

The Board of Staminier has announced it has entered into a three-year option to acquire 13 acres of land immediately adjacent to one of London Gatwick’s existing carparks at the South Terminal.

The firm intends to apply for planning permission to build a car park with a capacity for at least 2200 cars, to cope with the perceived increase in demand. That extra demand is likely to do with the recent proposal from London Gatwick's owners to turn taxiway 1/the emergency runway into a fully operational runway to operate at the same time as its existing runway. 

Apparently, according to figures released by Gatwick Airport, if the plans come to fruition, flights would increase from their 281,000 each year at the moment, to 390,000 a year. There were more than 46.1 million passengers using London Gatwick last year and passenger figures are up for this year too. 

The only fly in the ointment is that planning permission to develop part of the land in question has been refused on at least two previous occasions.  

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