03 July, 2019

Air Canada Relaunches its Award-Winning enRoute In-flight Magazine

 Air Canada has unveiled the redesign of its award-winning enRoute in-flight magazine.  Beginning with the July edition, now available onboard our aircraft, in our Maple Leaf Lounges and online, the magazine's refreshed format invites readers and travellers to explore new ideas on travel through enriched content that complements Air Canada's premium brand.

"Over its 60-year history, enRoute, has continuously evolved to remain a leader in travel and lifestyle content in Canada for its readers," said Andrew Shibata, Managing Director, Brand, Air Canada. "With the re-launch of the magazine, we want to provide a premium publication that truly reflects an aesthetic and voice that makes us unique and memorable through content that provides depth, insight, curation, context and thoughtful perspectives on the world, while also detailing the latest travel, lifestyle and culture trends."

Revamped for both design and editorial, the magazine will feature work by top Canadian and international writers, photographers, illustrators and content creators in a fun and engaging format that is bold, cinematic and has a real point of view. enRoute will showcase the best of Canada to the World and the best of the World to Canada and will align with the premium customer experience. In keeping with enRoute's readers' top interests, travel content will be a central focus with insightful and informative articles that report on the next hot travel destination, food and drink and interesting human interest stories from a travel perspective that evoke emotion and deeper thought, accompanied by strong visual imagery.

Highlights include:

Themed issues – Starting with the Canada-focused July issue, enRoute will detail stories of modern Canada and inspirational Canadians. Themed issues will allow readers to enter into the cultural conversation in a rich way through a tailored collection of articles on one subject.
Inspiration – Content will give travellers tips and tricks as well as inspiring them to explore the world.
Airplane Mode – A section on the science of air travel to inspire and inform on the world of aviation. In addition, there will be richer In-Flight Entertainment programming notes and highlights.
Overview of Air Canada – Continue to curate insightful content that highlights Air Canada products, services and employees, along with fleet, network maps and airports.
Enhanced digital content – Building on the print magazine, the enRoute web site will create an experience that travellers can turn to as a go-to resource that includes more behind-the-scenes content and stunning visuals.
City Guides – A focus on city guides for Canadian and worldwide destinations that highlight key attractions, tours, restaurants, hotels, nightlife and more to be used as a local resource or for planning that special trip.
Better for the environment – By changing the paper stock of the cover and reducing the trim size to be more comfortable in the average person's hands, the new magazine saves more than 277,000 kg on fuel annually and reduces the average weight load of a wide-body aircraft by approximately 12 kg. This translates to fuel savings equal to the weight of two empty Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft.

Air Canada partnered with Bookmark Content and Communications, a Spafax Group Company, a global marketing organization that distributes content in more than 180 countries worldwide to develop the new and enhanced enRoute magazine.

For more information or to read the July issue of enRoute, please visit: enroute.aircanada.com. Or follow @enroutemag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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