Sunday, 23 June 2019

400 pilots sue Boeing over 737 MAX's 'unprecedented cover-up'

Another class action has been filed against the US plane maker Boeing over its handling of the crashes of two of its 737 Max aircraft.   This time, more than 400 pilots have joined together to seek damages over what they say was the firms "unprecedented cover-up" of the "known design flaws" of the 737 Max. Also, the pilots qualified to fly the 737 Max series, say Boeing's decisions have caused them to experience monetary loss and mental distress following the types suspension. Alleging they "suffer and continue to suffer significant lost wages, among other economic and non-economic damages" since the fleet's global grounding.".

In legal papers seen by TV network ABC, alleges that Boeing "engaged in an unprecedented cover-up of the known design flaws of the Max, which predictably resulted in the crashes of the two aircraft and the types subsequent grounding.  The case was originally started by a single pilot, whom for fear of reprisals from Boeing has remained anonymous, now more than 400 other pilots have joined the case. 

Other legal claims against Boeing have come from a number of relations of the 346 people killed in the crashes, as well as from airlines wanting compensation for the costs incurred by the types grounding.  

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