Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Rolls-Royce delivery Pearl 15 engines to Bombardier

This week Rolls-Royce has confirmed the first sets of its new Pearl 15 production standard engines were delivered to the Canadian transport and aerospace firm Bombardier which have now been fitted to the first Global 6500 aircraft. 

While Bombardier has started interior completion work on the first customer aircraft, the Rolls-Royce site in Dahlewitz, Germany, is ramping up the Pearl 15 production. Flight testing is on track to support the aircraft certification and a smooth entry into service later this year. 

The Pearl 15 is the newest addition to the Rolls-Royce portfolio of aviation engines and has been carefully designed and optimised in partnership with Bombardier to power the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft. “We are excited to have successfully taken this important step in our journey to develop and produce the first member of the Pearl engine family. We are now looking forward to supporting Bombardier as they prepare for the aircraft to enter into service later this year,” said Dr Dirk Geisinger, Director – Business Aviation, Rolls-Royce.  

The Pearl 15 engines have a maximum certified thrust of 15,250lb and is quieter and more fuel efficient than comparable engines and shows a 20% improvement in NOx emissions margin.

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