03 May, 2019

Qatar Airways to head to Rabat, Morocco and expand joint venture arrangement with Royal Air Maroc

Three weekly flights to Rabat via Marrakech to begin 29 May 2019

Royal Air Maroc to operate daily flights to Casablanca from Doha commencing in June

Photo Qatar Airways
                    Qatar Airways recently announced that it will begin flights to Rabat in Morocco on 29th May 2019, on a Boeing 787 three times a week.

In addition to announcing the service to the Moroccan capital the airline also confirmed it was expanding its business agreement with Morocco's national carrier, Royal Air Maroc, to meet increased consumer demand for flights to Morocco.

In addition to launching Rabat via Marrakech, Qatar Airways will also now offer daily flights to Casablanca, providing seamless connectivity for passengers who wish to explore the country’s many vibrant cities.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, Akbar Al Baker, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of services to Rabat. Morocco is a tremendously popular destination with our passengers, and we are very pleased to launch this new gateway, while also increasing our presence in the country by expanding our joint business agreement with Royal Air Maroc. Our expansion in Morocco demonstrates our commitment to the region, which began in 2002.

Photo Royal Air Maroc
“Our close partnership with Royal Air Maroc will also provide our passengers access to their comprehensive network in North and West Africa while enabling Royal Air Maroc passengers to enjoy seamless connectivity to Qatar Airways’ extensive global network spanning six continents.”

Qatar Airways currently operates five weekly flights from Doha to Marrakech via Casablanca on a Boeing 777, in addition to two direct weekly flights from Doha to Casablanca. The carrier’s joint business agreement partner, Royal Air Maroc, provides five weekly flights from Casablanca to Doha.

Visitors to Morocco can enjoy a wide variety of activities, from exploring lush gardens to shopping for crafts, textiles and jewellery in its many traditional souqs. Travellers can also enjoy modern architecture set against the backdrop of centuries of history and culture.

Qatar Airways currently operates a modern fleet of more than 250 aircraft via its hub, Hamad International Airport (HIA) to more than 160 destinations worldwide. HIA has recently been ranked as the fourth best airport in the world at the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2019. Additionally, the airport has been ranked as a five-star Airport and was honoured with the title of ‘Best Airport in the Middle East’ for the fifth year in a row and ‘Best Staff Service in the Middle East’ for the fourth year in a row.

Qatar Airways Flight Schedule:

Until 28 May 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday)
Doha (DOH) to Casablanca (CMN) QR1395 departs 09:15 arrives 15:40
Casablanca (CMN) to Marrakech (RAK) QR1395 departs 17:00 arrives 17:50
Marrakech (RAK) to Doha (DOH) QR1395 departs 19:00 arrives 04:45 +1
Until 16 June 2019 (Friday and Sunday)
Doha (DOH) to Casablanca (CMN) QR1397 departs 07:05 arrives 13:30
Casablanca (CMN) to Doha (DOH) QR1398 departs 14:50 arrives 00:15 +1
29 May 2019 to 26 October 2019 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
Doha (DOH) to Marrakech (RAK) QR1463 departs 09:55 arrives 16:10
Marrakech (RAK) to Rabat (RBA) QR1463 departs 17:30 arrives 18:20
Rabat (RBA) to Doha (DOH) QR1463 departs 19:30 arrives 05:25 +1
From 29 May 2019 to 26 October 2019 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday)
Doha (DOH) to Casablanca (CMN) QR1397 departs 08:05 arrives 14:30
Casablanca (CMN) to Doha (DOH) QR1398 departs 19:35 arrives 05:00 +1
From 17 June 2019 to 26 October 2019 (Friday and Sunday)
Doha (DOH) to Casablanca (CMN) QR1397 departs 08:05 arrives 14:30
Casablanca (CMN) to Doha (DOH) QR1398 departs 19:35 arrives 05:00 +1

Royal Air Maroc Flight Schedule:

Until 16 June 2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
Doha (DOH) to Casablanca (CMN) AT216 departs 01:30 arrives 07:10
Casablanca (CMN) to Doha (DOH) AT217 departs 13:45 arrives 22:50
From 17 June 2019 to 26 October 2019 (Daily)
Doha (DOH) to Casablanca (CMN) AT216 departs 01:30 arrives 07:10
Casablanca (CMN) to Doha (DOH) AT217 departs 13:45 arrives 22:50 
Rabat is the political and administrative capital city of Morocco, it has a metropolitan population of over 1.2 million. It is a city full of charm, yet isn't on that many lists of top must-see destinations, which is rather a shame as it really is a lovely place to visit. It seems to have a little of everything that one could want for a vacation or visit. For example, it has a lovely clean beach,  a very evocative and historic kasbah, pretty medina, good shops and history.  The fact that it is not on the top tourist lists, makes it a more pleasing alternative and authentic destination to enjoy.

Another striking difference in Rabat than expectations is the mix of architecture around the city,  there are some wonderful historic areas like the kasbah as well as some beautifully modern areas like the impressive  Maroc Telecom head office. Indeed this is a city of contrasts, of vibrancy that is exciting to explore.  

The city has great shopping opportunities, from the old Medina, with its various streets and alleyways with lots of stalls. It's easy to get around, small enough to complete in a few hours, probably big enough to get lost in at least once. It's also perhaps one of the most friendly, way more so than Casablanca, which is quite foreboding.  The Rue des Consuls is so lovely, full traditional shops, smiles and history. Rue Souika and Avenue Mohammed V are also popular shopping market areas that are worth exploring. There is also an indoor more American style shopping mall, called Mega Mall which has various stores spread out over three floors, there's also a bowling alley and ice rink there. It's worth a look, but it's not as big as many US or European malls and some might feel that you haven't travelled all the way to Rabat in Morocco to shop in a mall just like back at home. One other shopping area to see, if not buy from is the Oulja pottery complex area, which has been going for years and is the best place in Morocco to buy pottery from, indeed many souks and shops elsewhere in Morocco get their pots from here!  It's great to visit and enjoy the atmosphere. 

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