23 April, 2019

United Airlines CEO blasts passengers.....

The boss of one of the leading US airlines has hit out at passengers in a recent interview claiming they were all 'pissed off with the world' by the time they take a seat on one of his airline's planes.

Oscar Munoz the CEO of United Airlines made the accusation as part of an interview with the US TV network, ABC. The 60-year-old from California blamed the stress of flying for passengers being angry as soon as they board his aircraft. He said 'It's become so stressful from when you leave, wherever you live, to get into traffic, to find a parking spot, to get through security.  By the time you sit on one of our aircraft, you're pissed at the world and I don't care what coffee, what cookie, or what smile I give you.".

Whilst the boss may bemoan passenger discontent his airline still recorded first-quarter profits of some $292 million as it carried more passengers whilst lowering unit costs. Partly by cramming more people onto planes with narrowing seat widths and shrinking leg room, now at there lowest since commercial aviation began. Although the United boss didn't refuse to rule out making seats even smaller, he did admit there were not many options left, 'I think we are nearing a point certainly that we can't do that anymore."

Many passengers have complained about the patchy or failing internet on United aircraft and Munoz countered with "It's complicated technology. We will fix that, and, frankly, we would stop a lot of our growth if we could just stop and find the right provider and get that done. That's how important WiFi is to us and to our customers."


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