14 April, 2019

London Gatwick Airport Parking

There are a great many options at an equally numerous number of prices for parking at London Gatwick Airport, from the on-airport short stay car parks to off-airport longer term park and ride car parks as well as meet and greet services that take your car from you near the entrances of the terminals. This brief guide will hopefully make it easier to choose the right option for you.

On-airport short stay.

Gatwick Airport’s Short Stay is a popular choice for those looking for convenience when flying from either the North or South terminal. The terminal is around a 5 to 7-minute walk and is so easy. The multi-storey car parks are right by the terminals, simply pull up to the barrier, your license plates will be automatically scanned, then you can take your ticket and drive straight on through to park in a bay.

Short Stay Parking at the North Terminal can be found at Car Park 5. For the South Terminal, it can be found in Car Parks 1, 2 and 3. 

There is a premium option here, which is parking on the same level as the walkway into the airport terminal. Both options are great for convenience and quickness, but they are very expensive.

Short stay prices:

Up to 30 mins: £4.00
31 - 60 mins: £8.00
1 -  2 hours: £13.00
2 - 3 hours: £15.00
3 - 4 hours: £19.00
4 - 5 hours: £22.00
5 - 6 hours: £26.00
6 - 12 hours: £40.00
12 - 24 hours: £45.00
Each subsequent day: £45.00

Premium short stay prices:

Up to 30 mins: £5.20
31 - 60 mins: £10.30
1 -  2 hours: £15.00
2 - 3 hours: £19.00
3 - 4 hours: £24.50
4 - 5 hours: £29.50
5 - 6 hours: £35.00
6 - 12 hours: £50.00
12 - 24 hours: £55.00
Each subsequent day: £55.00

On-airport long stay parking

The airport has its own car parks for longer stays, which feature a 5 - 10-minute bus transfer to the airport, it runs every 10 - 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, The price is £25 per day for the first day and £20 for subsequent days.  Prebooking is cheaper!
Pre-book your long stay parking at Gatwick's South Terminal here.
Pre-book your long stay parking at Gatwick's North Terminal here.

Off-airport short, medium and long term parking.

There are a number of firms offering park and ride options from off-airport locations around the airport and these are often a lot cheaper than parking directly at the airport. These car parks will take your keys from you and transfer you to the airport on courtesy buses, while you are away they park your car in a secure area of their facilities. When you return,  you simply call them, they get your car ready and you hop on another of their buses to go back to the car park.  It's easy and it's simple, however, it could add extra time to your journey, perhaps 30 minutes on average. 

Purple Parking Gatwick

Purple Parking Gatwick, offers a secure and affordable car parking at Lowfirld Heath for London Gatwick.
Upon arrival at Purple Parking Gatwick, park in one of the empty bays and make your way to the reception. Check-in with your booking reference, flight details and car registration. You will need to drop your car keys at reception and collect your receipt. As you wait for your transfer bus to the airport one of Purple Parking's fully insured, professional drivers will park your car for you in their secure parking location.  Then on return, you will need to catch the bus back to Purple Parking from stop 7 or 8 at the South terminal or stop 6 or 7 at the North terminal. Your car will be ready and waiting for you as you step off the bus. Just show your parking receipt at reception to retrieve your keys and collect your car.
The car park is just 10 minutes on the bus from the North terminal, and 15 minutes from the South terminal. Transfers run every 15 to 20 minutes, 24 hours a day.
Park at Purple Parking Gatwick


APH Park and Ride is one of our lowest priced parking options, it also regularly gets 5-star reviews from customers thanks to its efficient and friendly staff and great value-for-money.
When you arrive at APH the staff will guide you to their arrival bays. Head to reception and check-in, APH will keep your keys and the professional staff will park your car for you while you jump on the transfer bus to the terminal. 
When you have departed the plane on return, just call APH they'll arrange for your car to be ready for you. When you get through security, follow signs for coaches down to the lower levels where you will find the bus station. Take the APH coach back and head into reception to pick up your keys. Your car will be waiting for you outside. 
The car park is around 10 minutes from the airport on the bus, which operate every 10-15 mins 24 hours a day. It only takes 10 minutes to the North terminal and 12 minutes to the South terminal on comfy buses.
Park at APH Gatwick book here

Cophall Parking

Cophall Parking is an award-winning car park to store your car. It is a little further out than the above options and transfer times will be slightly longer, depending upon traffic conditions in the local area. One of the best prices.
When you arrive at Cophall Parking's car park, you will spot the arrival bays. Park up and head to reception with your keys. The Cophall staff will park your car for you, leaving you to hop on to the transfer bus.  
When you land back to Gatwick, collect your luggage and then give the car park a call. They will send a minibus to collect you from the same place you were dropped off. When you get back to the car park, the reception staff will have your keys ready for you to continue your onward journey.
The car park operates transfers by a minibus from the car park to the terminal every 10-15 minutes, it only takes 10 - 15-minutes, however, if  using this option, it is probably best to aim to arrive there at least 45-minutes to an hour before the time you want or need to check in at the airport.
Park at Cophall Parking book here

Meet & Greet Parking

Another more convenient way is using the service of one of the many meet & greet companies, whereby you arrive and park your car at a designated point. A company representative meets you,  takes your car away to park at a secure location while you walk into the terminal building. On the return, you call the company when you land and they'll bring the car to the meeting point so it is ready for you to just jump in a drive away.

Airparks Meet & Greet

Airparks Meet and Greet parking at Gatwick airport is available 24 hours a day, it used to be called BCP meet & greet and has a great reputation. It is usually one of the cheapest of the approved parking companies. 
Arriving at Gatwick, confirm with Airparks when you are within 20 minutes of arriving at your designated terminal by phoning 01293 842903 and your chauffeur will then be dispatched to meet you at your arranged pick-up point at the terminal. 
Upon your return to Gatwick airport follow the instructions given to you when you left your car with the chauffeur. 
Meet and greet parking can be used for short, medium or long stays and whilst it might be more expensive that park and ride, it cuts down transfer time as you'll be right at the airport terminal entrance and it works out cheaper than the on airport short stay parking.

Purple Parking Meet and Greet

Purple Parking Meet and Greet has been a popular choice for many people, on prices are competitive, although you should expect Purple Parking Meet and Greet to be more expensive than other meet and greet companies, but is one of the most popular.
Upon arrival, if you're flying from the North terminal you'll meet your Purple Parking driver in the Approved Operator area of the Hampton by Hilton's car park. If you're flying from the South terminal, you'll meet your driver in the Approved Operator area in Car Park 5 of the Short Stay car park. Once you're with your driver they'll check your booking confirmation, and take your car off your hands. From there, it's just a short walk to the terminal while your car is parked for you in a secured car park.
Upon your return, once you've collected your luggage, call Purple Parking to request the driver to meet you with the car. You'll be given instructions on where to meet your driver.

Maple Manor Parking Meet and Greet

Maple Manor Meet and Greet parking is a convenient option for parking at Gatwick, your car is kept at a fully secured car park just four miles away from the terminal. The Maple Manor Meet and Greet service is available at both the North and South terminals. There is also the option to add the Maple Manor car Valet Service for an additional £9.95.
On your arrival at Gatwick Airport, you will be met by a uniformed driver who will perform standard checks on your car, collect your booking confirmation and take your car keys. You are free to proceed directly to check-in while your car will be driven to the secure parking compound.  
Upon your return to Gatwick, once you have collected your baggage and are ready to clear customs, please call Maple Manor and proceed to arrivals. Your car will be delivered to the same point where you were met on arrival.

Help Me Park 
Help Me, Park, does exactly what it says, you drive straight to the airport terminal where your car will be collected by a professional driver, they will take your car and park it for you, allowing you not only to stroll straight into the terminal. 
When you're approximately 10 mins from the airport call Help Me Park and when you arrive at the airport, head to the passenger drop-off area outside the terminal where your Help Me Park driver will be waiting. They'll do a check of your car and then take it to their secured car park while you walk the short distance to check-in.
Upon your return to Gatwick, collect your luggage, go through customs and call Help Me Park and your car will be returned to the same place it was dropped off, so you can just load your car and continue your journey home.

Ace Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick

Ace Meet and Greet at Gatwick Airport is another cost-effective parking option, if you are leaving from the North Terminal you simply take a ticket at the barrier of car park 6, drive to level 1 and row D&E where you will find the Approved Operator bays.  Leaving from the South Terminal you collect a ticket at the barrier of orange car park three, drive to level 1 - Row D&E where you will see the Approved Operator bays. The representative that takes away the car to the secure off-airport parking area and away you go.  
Upon your return, once you have collected your luggage, call ACE,  select the right option and let the firm know you're ready for your car. Ace will tell you where to meet them in the Short Stay car park. Your car will be delivered for you ready to continue with your journey home.

I Love Meet & Greet

I Love Meet and Greet at Gatwick help make airport parking easy for you, when you are approximately 10 minutes away from Gatwick, call the car park and the member of staff at I Love Meet and Greet will tell you where to meet your driver. At the airport, they will check over your car and take it to their secure car park. 
Upon your return to Gatwick, collect your bags and call the car park, then head to the same drop-off area as before, where your driver will have your car ready for you.

All of these operators are approved by London Gatwick Airport.