25 March, 2019

Two Fokker F100 landing gear incidents in Iran in three days!

Iranian aviation investigators are looking into two aircraft incidents in the space of three days, both of which involved Fokker 100s.

On Tuesday 19th March 2019 an Iran Air Fokker 100 was operating flight 215, from Qeshm to Tehran when it suffered a hydraulic systems failure. The result of this failure meant the main landing gear would not lower, according to the reports, the crew tried to manually lower the wheels, which didn't work and the crew then had to perform an emergency landing at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport, with its main gear up. According to local state media reports,  there were no injuries and all passengers evacuated the aircraft safely. 

Flight recorders have been retrieved and are being analysed with the enquiry being assisted by investigators from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the Dutch Safety Board.

On Friday 22nd March, an Iran Aseman Fokker 100 operating flight EP840 from Tehran to Ilam had to divert back to Tehran, after part of its main landing gear failed to engage when it was on finals for Ilam.   The crew aborted their landing and proceeded to investigate the issue and elected to return to Tehran.

The crew tried to raise and lower the gear, and finally managed to get both sides down and carried out a landing in Tehran, which passed off uneventfully.  According to local media, there were no injuries among the 81 passengers or 8 crew members. 

Initial examinations found issues of contamination in the filter screens and the restrictor check valve in the right-hand main gear which had prevented the release of hydraulic pressure and stopped its deployment.