22 March, 2019

Japan’s largest airline introduces fresh podcast “Aoki ‘N Air” that celebrates the spirit of Japan and explores Japanese culture with host Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki                         Photo Business Wire
All Nippon Airways (ANA) unveils a vibrant, engaging and informative podcast “Aoki ‘N Air” featuring longtime partner, two-time Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki. The five-episode podcast explores Japanese culture in an original and authentic way, discussing the topics of travel, art, food, music and fashion. In each episode, Aoki sits down with his long-time manager Dougie Bohay to dive deep into Aoki’s personal perspective on what makes Japanese culture so enticing and unlike any other place. The episodes launch weekly beginning March 21, 2019, and will be available to listen via Spotify.

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In recent years Japan has found its way to the top of travellers’ “must-visit” lists due to its rich history mixed with an unmistakable modern culture. With so many regions to visit and experiences to take in, ANA wants to help U.S. travellers – and all travellers – build an unforgettable trip and experience while visiting Japan. To do this, ANA is looking to the world’s most travelled DJ, who calls Japan his favourite place in the world. By working with Aoki to share some of his favourite memories and aspects when visiting the country, “Aoki ‘N Air” is meant to inspire travellers to expand their horizons and put Japan on their bucket list.

“I’m on the road 260 days a year so choosing a five-star airline, like ANA, that truly embraces the spirit of Japanese hospitality and delivers an unmatched in-flight experience is so important to me. I’m thrilled to continue my partnership to work with ANA on my dream project – a podcast,” said Aoki. “Aoki ‘N Air is the perfect way for me to share all of the reasons why I love Japan so much, allowing me to go back to my cultural roots and celebrate my passion for the country with listeners.”

“We want to define and celebrate the distinct culture of Japan and help travellers see that the journey is just as important as what you find once you arrive in Japan. From our spacious cabins, carefully curated in-flight menus, and the omotenashi spirit from our cabin crew, your trip begins the moment you step foot on one of our aircraft,” said Mika Hayama Director, PR & Branding, the Americas. “We are excited to continue to work alongside Steve Aoki as he shares his captivating stories, personal anecdotes, and genuine passion for Japan. It is our hope that this new content series resonates with his fans and travellers, and for ANA to be a part of their own personal storytelling experiences.”

New podcast episodes will launch weekly between March 21, 2019 – April 17, 2019. Episodes can be found on Spotify and will release in the following order: Travel, March 21; Art, March 28; Food, April 3; Music, April 10; Fashion, April 17.
The podcast is a continuation of the Experience Class™ campaign and content series, which launched in 2016 with the campaign micrositeANAExperienceClass.com and has evolved into a major content hub filled with articles and interviews with experts to help enrich any trip to Japan. Last year Aoki debuted a Tokyo-based video series that showcased ANA’s in-flight offerings and experience, along with Aoki’s personal perspective on Tokyo, his favourite restaurants, local hot-spots and must-see landmarks. The series offered viewers an inside look at how Guinness World Records’ most travelled artist spends his downtime soaking in the city of Tokyo.
ANA holds themselves to a high standard of excellence, delivering an unparalleled experience for each and every passenger, including the warmest of welcomes before even stepping foot on the plane, cuisine that is artfully crafted by master chefs, premium entertainment, and an attention to service and detail that stays with you long after the flight.
Travellers can book their own ANA experience here, or learn more about Experience Class™ as the airline continues to produce its own original content on ANAExperienceClass.com.