23 January, 2019

Passenger demanded cabin crew wipe his ass then moans in pleasure.

An EVA Air flight attendant has told a press conference of the humiliating moment a passenger weighing 440Ib's forced her to wipe his rear end while he ‘moaned in pleasure.’ 

The cabin crew member, named only as Kuo, told the media the unnamed 31-stone man asked the cabin crew to lower his trousers and underwear so he could relieve himself, he then demanded that they wipe his dirty posterior, and then re-wipe him when their first attempts were not satisfactory.

According to local reports, Kuo said the obese man had boarded the flight from Los Angeles to Taiwan on 19th January and had demanded three seats to himself because of his size.  He also demanded to be allowed to use the business class toilet as he couldn't fit in the economy toilets.  The man allegedly told the cabin crew that a hand injury meant he couldn't undress himself or wipe up after going to the toilet. 

"I told him we couldn’t help him, but he started yelling." Kuo told the press conference,  "He told me to go in immediately and threatened to relieve himself on the floor,"  the humiliation continued for the female cabin crew members recounts Kuo "As the passenger’s genitals were now exposed, one of my colleagues brought a blanket, which I used to cover his modesty, but he hit my hand away." The  EVA Air cabin crew stayed with the man as they feared he would become trapped in the bathroom, however they hadn't bargained for him to tell them to wipe his ass. Kuo then said, according to local media, that her superior attendant reluctantly agreed after putting rubber gloves and Kuo had to steady the passenger as her colleague attended to his rear end, but according to Kuo, their disgust became humiliation when the man started ‘moaning in pleasure.’

Kuo said she was bringing this matter to the media's attention to highlight the plight some cabin crew members face whilst working for the airline and to plead with EVA to start employing male cabin crew members.

Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union representing Kuo said that EVA Air should have banned the passenger after he had been abusive on several previous flights and on one occasion had defecated in his trousers. The union want EVA to put in special procedures that state physically challenged passengers should only be allowed to travel if they are with a caregiver or assistant. 

The airline has an outdated and discriminatory rule that stipulates that cabin crew members must be female. The airline issued a press statement which says flight staff are perfectly entitled to refuse passenger's requests they consider inappropriate.

Images AsiaWire