Saturday, 5 January 2019

Hopscotch launch membership only service

Launched in January 2009 in order to deliver private aviation at affordable prices, Hopscotch Air, the transformative US FAA certified air taxi service has advised in celebration of its tenth anniversary this month, it will launch a new membership-only service. 

“It’s a true milestone to mark ten years of providing private, on-demand air travel to consumers who before could never use private aviation,” said CEO and co-founder Andrew Schmertz. “When we began we were constantly told there was no market for a regional, on-demand service using small planes. But last year we performed well over a thousand revenue legs. We’ve shifted the paradigm of thinking about air travel.”

Hopscotch Air, primarily flies from airports in Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey, has redefined regional travel by providing an affordable alternative to patchy airline service and challenging driving conditions. The company flies a fleet of Cirrus SR22 and SR20 aircraft, considered by many to be among the most technologically advanced, general aviation aeroplanes flying today.

As part of the company’s anniversary, Hopscotch Air unveiled a change to its primary business model. On January 1, Hopscotch will become a member-only airline. “More than 83 % of our passengers in 2018 flew more than three times,” Schmertz commented. 

“By focusing on our frequent travellers we can provide more consistent service and better manage capacity vs demand because, in the spring and summer travel season, demand far outpaces our capacity,” said Lisa Baez, Vice President of Customer Experience.  The Hopscotch ClubScotch Membership is a modest $325/month and customers then have access not only to the Hopscotch Air fleet but to our customer experience team, which can arrange a suite of travel options.       -- -- -- .