23 December, 2018

Flame-outs in both engines of a Virgin Australia ATR72 investigated.

A Virgin Australia ATR72-600 seems to have suffered flameouts in both engines' although non-simultaneously on December 13th this year. The aircraft, registration VH-FVN, was operating the Sydney-Canberra route on 13 December during heavy rain the incident took place.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)  said it is investigating the 'serious' incident occurred  "While the aircraft was descending through 11,000ft in heavy rain, the right engine’s power rolled back (decreased) and the engine flamed out." the ATSB said.

© Chen Wanping
"The engine automatically re-started within five seconds. The descent continued and, while passing through 10,000 ft, the left engine’s power also rolled back and that engine flamed out before automatically relighting. The crew selected manual engine ignition for the remainder of the flight and the landing." According to the ATSB.

The remainder of the flight was uneventful and there were no reports of injuries to anyone on the aircraft, the investigation is ongoing.