24 October, 2018

Surf Air unveils Surf Air Express

Surf Air today announced Surf Air Express, a new "per-seat" brand and membership that opens up the Surf Air network to fliers in need of better air travel.  With prices comparable to business and last-minute economy fares, Surf Air Express successfully positions the air travel company to expand beyond frequent business commuters paying a monthly subscription, and into the broader market of air travel by offering flights on their scheduled service to all of their routes on a portion of their flight times. Surf Air is already well known for its All-You-Can-Fly monthly membership which provides access to semi-private, scheduled flights on Surf Air branded aircraft that are operated by FAA certified and DOT-registered third-party air carriers.

A Problem Solved

Commercial air travel is broken. Decades of pricing wars and cost cuts have degraded commercial flying to an unbearable undertaking. With airlines abusing customers, adding hidden fees at every opportunity, and continuing a trend of frequent delays as a result of increased demand and airport congestion, Surf Air's innovative All-You-Can-Fly business model broke the mold five years ago, solved for the common hassles of commercial airports, and set the stage for a new frontier of flying. Surf Air members enjoy scheduled services between destinations in California and Texas, on routes operated by FAA-certified third party air carriers.

While Surf Air's All-You-Can-Fly Membership is popular with frequent business travellers, there continues to be a growing gap between what travellers want and what they're being offered by commercial air carriers; exactly the reason Surf Air continues its mission to expand access to premium, affordable air travel to more and more fliers. Surf Air has already solved for the lines, crowds, baggage claim, and underwhelming customer service. Now comes the time for even broader adoption of the next generation of Surf Air. Welcome to Surf Air Express.

Introducing Surf Air Express

Once a membership club targeted at a niche group of frequent business fliers via its All-You-Can-Fly membership model, Surf Air Express opens a semi-private travel experience to anyone who wants to purchase seats on a per-seat basis at prices similar to business class and last-minute economy.  With available seats on routes operated by its contracted third-party carriers, Surf Air is able to open its network to a broader group of travellers who desire a membership that is designed for the less frequent "per flight" consumer.


Flat rate pricing not subject to price fluctuations

No change or cancellation fees

Access to easy-to-use app

Access to exclusive member perks and exclusive member events

Preferential rates at premium hotels like the Bacara in Santa Barbara and The Ritz Carlton Tahoe

Travel to all Surf Air destinations including: Napa, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Dallas, Austin, Houston and Midland.

Access to special event flights like music festivals, sports games, conferences, and more

Ability to view flight schedule in advance

"Five years ago we cracked the code and changed aviation by offering a small group of monthly subscribers "all you can fly" memberships with a premium flight experiences to eliminate the hassles associated with commercial air travel," said Sudhin Shahani, Chairman and CEO of Surf Air. "Through Surf Air Express, we're continuing to upgrade the travel experience by opening up the Surf Air network to a completely new market of travellers who've long needed a more convenient and fun way to fly. It's our vision that one day we'll expand Surf Air to be accessible, with our flight operators, across the online travel booking websites and in every region around the globe where short-haul travel is broken, while still maintaining the quality and value of our membership-first business model."

Pricing and Availability

Surf Air Express flights will begin at the conclusion of the Indiegogo campaign and require an annual membership fee of $2,500. One way flights start at $445, a fare which is not subject to price changes or hidden fees.

Surf Air Express Members have access to a smaller, though still substantial, portion of its flights on a monthly basis.  This ensures that their All-You-Can-Fly Members who fly more frequently and at peak business times, will not experience disruption to their daily commutes.

Join Surf Air Express on Indiegogo and Save

Surf Air has turned to the Indiegogo community to help get Surf Air Express off the ground.  Known for its unique ability to spot the next big thing, they're the best partner to help launch the next generation of air travel.

For a limited time, if you order Surf Air Express on Indiegogo, you'll enjoy preferential pricing on memberships and flight packages only available for the duration of the campaign. Learn more here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/surf-air-express