27 October, 2018

LOT Polish Airlines offers to reinstate workers it sacked for striking, providing unions suspend further industrial action

Photo Jacek Bonczek
It is being reported that the management of LOT Polish Airlines has offered to reinstate the 67 staff it recently sacked for taking strike action. If the news is true, it will be a major u-turn for the carrier who had warmed more sackings would be forthcoming, should more staff take industrial action.  

The hardline stance adopted by the airline was roundly criticised by many industry advisers both in Poland and internationally. It also appeared to have the opposite effect, with more staff members taking strike action over the last week, causing the cancellations of a large number of flights. 

In a statement with the unions, the company said it had offered to reinstate the 67 sacked workers while the unions have promised to suspend strike action until Monday afternoon. A spokesperson for the unions said LOT's decision to dismiss the staff and impose self-employment contracts on employees was against Poland’s labour laws and regulations.