17 September, 2018

Love can cost you your job at China Eastern Airlines

Love can cost you a lot, including your job if you work for China Eastern Airlines!

Back in May, a flight attendant for the airline was working on a China Eastern flight, when around 30 minutes into the flight, the attendant's boyfriend gets down on one knee and proposes to her.  Her answer seems obvious as the pair embrace and kiss and the passengers in the cabin applauded.

 Love is in the air, you might think, but this happy union that sounds a little like a fairytale, but this one doesn't have a happy ever after.   Last week, the cabin crew member was fired by China Eastern Airlines, according to local media Asia One, in a letter. 

The airline issued her a termination notice because they say her actions - in accepting a marriage proposal caused her to “neglected passenger safety” and that the “private romantic behaviour caused turmoil among passengers” and was “extremely irresponsible for the safety of passengers”.

In a video, shared widely on local social media, passengers can be seen filming the proposal and applauding the happy couple and the fasten seatbelt sign is off. Therefore it is unclear how the cabin crew member had put passenger safety at risk. Video below.

China Eastern Airlines has yet to repond to our request for comment or why those choose to dismiss the flight attendant by letter and not in person.