18 July, 2018

Unnamed customers commit to Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing has announced that it and four unnamed customers have signed 'commitments' for a total of 93 737 MAX aeroplanes, at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow on Wednesday. 

The Boeing media room says this latest order is "including a carrier that has committed to 40 of the high-capacity version of the MAX 8." The company values the deal at nearly $11 billion at current list prices none of these is a confirmed or firm order and therefore the agreements will only be reflected on Boeing's Orders and Deliveries website when and IF they have been finalised. 

The four unidentified customers hail from the airline and aeroplane leasing industries, Boeing says, which might not be very surprising as its highly unlikely a food manufacturer would say they are interested in buying a fleet of planes.  Although anyone can sign a letter of commitment to buy a Boeing bird, it doesn't mean you'll actually go through with the purchase.