06 July, 2018

Rebranding BMI say hello to flybmi

The British airline BMI has rebranded itself as 'flybmi' and as part of that image change is a revamp of its website, to flybmi.com.

The airline says it wants to offer a more customer friendly platform, optimised for mobile usage and a  visually rich layout. The site is supposed to appeal to both the business and leisure markets, with improved functionality, refined navigation and a fresh look and feel.

At the heart of the website is a completely new booking engine developed by 2e Systems, one of the leading travel e-commerce solutions providers, based in Germany. The booking engine enables customers to move through the booking flow, comparing the pricing across flight times and dates, offering the full suite of flybmi’s range of retail products and also provides customers the ability to pay for their travel with various payment forms and currencies, irrespective of their point of origin.

flybmi Director Marketing & Customer, Antony Price said: “We have worked very hard to create an easy to use website working equally well on all user interfaces that appeals to both our corporate and leisure customers. We believe the new site does exactly that. The clean, sharp design makes it easy for time-pressed business travellers to navigate and book flights and find important content, whilst the redesigned destination reviews are there to inform and inspire those looking for a holiday or mini-break within Europe. We’re also delighted that both the website and official title of the airline will now be consistently referred to as flybmi. It will refresh and enhance the brand”

We took a look around the new site and found it to be crisp, clear and easy to navigate most areas thanks to the drop-down menus. Sadly, we couldn't find any fleet lists or aircraft pictures and when trying to book a flight from Bristol to Gothenburg the website told us the flight was operated by BM but didn't advise us what airline BM is and perhaps the less frequent flyer might not know who the BM code belongs to. Also on that part of the booking process, it also didn't advise what aircraft type we'd be flying on, which for some passengers is important information. Of course, once we'd booked, we could assign a seat for a fee, but many people want and need to know that info before handing over the cash!