31 July, 2018

Many changes ahead for Etihad Airways schedules this winter.

The Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways will be making many changes to its schedules for this winter season, which will see some routes increasing frequency, but many routes will see reductions, including even a number of route closures.

Toronto is increasing from three to five weekly services, that will be operated by Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, that enjoy 40 seats in Business Class and 340 in Economy Class. Robin Kamark, Chief Commercial Officer, Etihad Aviation Group, said: “We are thrilled to announce more flights to cosmopolitan Toronto, one of the most successful and popular destinations on our global route network. This news has been eagerly anticipated." The new schedule takes off from 28th October this year.

The popular route between Etihad's home base of Abu Dhabi and the Egyptian capital, Cairo currently has 4 flights each day, from 28th October one of those rotations (EY653/654) will be upgraded to one of the carriers Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

The airline will also extend the services to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, so from 1st October it will enjoy a double daily double-decker service on Airbus A380's.

However, many other services will either be reduced or cancelled completely, here's the latest list of reductions and terminations.  There are more expected within the next few weeks as the airline continues to reassess its operations.

The Abu Dhabi – Colombo route will be reduced from a twice-daily service to just one flight each day on an Airbus A321 aircraft. The reduction will take effect from 28th October.
Also reducing from a 2 a day service to 1 daily flight is the route between Abu Dhabi – Karachi, with effect from 15th October.
The Kathmandu service is another that is being reduced from double daily to once daily. The route will be operated by an Airbus A320.
The Abu Dhabi – Thiruvananthapuram route will see the number of flights reduced from 11 to 7 a week starting 1st October this year.
A Boeing 777-300ER will be operating the Abu Dhabi – Los Angeles route 3 times a week, down from its current 4 times a week schedule.
The Seychelles service to Mahe Island will lose its daily service, from 28th October,  an A320 will fly 4 times each week.
The Abu Dhabi – New York JFK route is currently operating twice a day, however, from 1st October this will be reduced to one Airbus A380 flight a day. 

And the routes between Abu Dhabi and Dar es Salaam, Dhaka, Edinburgh and Perth will all be cancelled from the 1st October.