24 July, 2018

BA Steward sold sex on stopovers!

A senior cabin crew member for British Airways has been supplementing his income whilst away on overseas layovers as a male prostitute it's been reported this week.

The airline has confirmed that the cabin manager has had his wings clipped, at least on a temporary basis. 'We have removed a member of cabin crew from duty pending further investigation. "We expect all our staff to maintain the very highest standards and levels of professionalism at all times." A spokesperson said on Monday. 

The man, who hasn't been named, apparently advertised his services online, based them around his flight rota and raked in as much as £800 for an overnight stay with a client. At the same time, he was still being paid by British Airways on the overseas stopovers.

The UK's Sun carried the story following an investigation into the 'escorting' services offered by the senior cabin crew member. A whistleblower told The Sun he had brought shame on the airline, saying “To use your BA career as a means to sell sex on a public site is completely unacceptable. He is bringing the airline into disrepute and should be ashamed of his behaviour."

It isn't unusual for some cabin crew members, especially those working for low paid leisure or low-cost airlines to supplement their incomes with second jobs, usually, though it's the more usual variety of jobs like bar and waiting staff. I also know a cabin crew member who also teaches a few fitness classes each week between her flight schedule. Although how she has the energy to take an ultimate spin class after doing a double Paris is beyond me. However, this is the first time I've heard of cabin crew having a second job as an escort. Have you?