05 May, 2018

Cracked window caused Southwest flight to divert

More mechanical drama for passengers of Southwest Airlines flight occurred on Wednesday as a window appeared to crack midflight.  

The aircraft was operating a flight from Chicago to Newark, on Wednesday morning and diverted to Cleveland for maintenance after an aircraft window apparently developed the crack midflight. Passengers on the flight told local media they heard a loud pop and saw a jagged crack in a window. Some stated that one of that one of the window layers shattered.

Passengers seated in the rows around the emergency exit window quickly moved to other vacant seats and indicated there was little panic on the flight, although many were worried in case the window broke completely. 

Southwest dismissed passenger's social media photos and reports and stated the flight crew decided to divert because it was just a “potential crack” to the outer pane of a window. The flight made a successful landing at Cleveland, just over an hour after it departed from Chicago’s Midway Airport. 

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