Friday, 4 May 2018

Brussels Airlines Pilots To Strike on Friday 11 May

Passengers of Brussels Airlines, the Lufthansa subsidiary can expect serious disruption fron the 11th of May as the airlines' pilots are poised to strike over a pay and conditions dispute. The airline pilots are seeking an increase in pay as well as amendments to rotas to facilitate an enhanced work-life balance, they are also seeking the possibility of earlier retirement along with improved career prospects.   

The unions of pilots have issued formal notice to Brussels Airlines of its intention to conduct strike action on Friday 11th May.  However, union officials were also keen to point out that discussions with Brussels Airlines would continue. 

A Brussels Airlines spokeswoman confirmed negotiations were ongoing, “We have been in talks for a few weeks. For Monday and also after Monday there are meetings planned. -We hope that we can find a solution to prevent a possible strike.”