Monday, 14 May 2018

Asiana A330 slices through Turkish Airlines A321 tail

There is a massive repair bill for Asiana Airlines and Turkish Airlines after an Asiana Airlines Airbus A330 aircraft crashed into the rear of a Turkish Airlines A321 almost completely slicing off its tail.

Extensive damage has been caused to the vertical stabilizer of the Turkish Airlines aircraft which was entering an airport parking apron, whilst the A330 of Asiana was departing on a flight bound for Seoul Incheon on 13th May at around 5.30pm local time. 

A Turkish Airlines spokesperson said: "Turkish Airlines confirms that the Airbus A330 type aircraft of the South Korean airline, Asiana Airlines, hit the tail of Turkish Airlines' Airbus A321 while it was taxiing. There were no passengers and crew injured due to the incident, it just caused physical damage on both aircrafts."

Asiana has refused to comment on the incident, only saying that a joint Korean and Turkish investigation is underway. 

Passengers on the Turkish Airlines flight had feared the worst, A British tourist told local media "We hadn’t even been stationary for a minute and the engines were still going when there was this huge noise."

"It sounded like a bomb going off and the whole plane seemed to tilt over. For a moment I really thought 'this is it, this is the end of my life'."

Another passenger told how they felt the plane jolt sideways and believed it might tip over and heard a grinding sound.

Many passengers on the Turkish flight were said to have been standing up and getting belongings from the overhead luggage lockers when the incident occurred sending them falling to the floor and over the seats and other passengers.