25 April, 2018

Sunwing under investigation

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is launching an inquiry into delays, cancellations, tarmac delays and lost, delayed and damaged baggage affecting Sunwing flights scheduled to fly to, or from, Toronto Pearson International Airport between April 14 and 18, 2018. This inquiry will allow the CTA to deal efficiently with the high volume of complaints relating to these flights.

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This inquiry's focus will be on whether Sunwing treated its passengers in a manner consistent with its terms and conditions of carriage for international flights (tariff) and whether those terms and conditions are reasonable.

An Inquiry Officer has been appointed to gather and summarize evidence from affected passengers, the airline, and any other relevant parties. The inquiry will be conducted as quickly as possible, but the CTA will take the time required to gather all the facts.

"Canada's weather realities mean that air travel will sometimes be disrupted, but when that happens, passengers have rights. This inquiry will determine, based on the evidence and the law, whether Sunwing respected its obligations towards passengers during the events in question, and if not, what corrective measures should be ordered." said Scott Streiner, Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency