06 January, 2018

Casa Cupula Honours Mexican LGBT Icon with new suite

As part of the continuing celebration of Puerto Vallarta’s luxury LGBT property’s Quinceanera, Casa Cupula has now opened the doors to its new Frida Suite, which celebrates the life and art of Mexican icon Frida Kahlo. 

Decorated in the style of Frida Kahlo’s paintings and imagery, Casa Cupula’s one bedroom/1.5 ba suite of 860 sq ft (80m2) includes a living area, kitchen, washer and dryer and a terrace with a view of Puerto Vallarta and a hot tub. Guests will enjoy the view of the Bay of Banderas while enjoying the shade of a heritage Papelillo tree and the flora and the fauna of the Sierra Madre, home to iguanas, squirrels, hummingbirds, parrots and other birds.

Kahlo’s work has been celebrated internationally for her incorporation of Mexican national and indigenous traditions and uncompromising depiction of the dark sides of the female experience and form. The artist’s personal life is often a focus of any reading of her life, as she had both male and female lovers, including a reported affair with Josephine Baker in Paris, and is one of the LGBT community’s most beloved icons.

To further embody the spirit of Kahlo, Casa Cupula went beyond decorating the Frida Kahlo Suite in the artist’s style and made the suite Casa Cupula’s first completely handicap accessible suite.  With ground-level access and wheel chair ramps, the wide-door suite with specially designed bathroom facilities, ramps and other accommodations puts Casa Cupula on a league of its own in terms of offering a welcoming environment to handicap visitors, LGBTQ and their allies. A great way to pay tribute to Kahlo who was left disabled by polio as a child, and at the age of eighteen was seriously injured in a trolley accident, which caused her pain and medical problems for the rest of her life.

Casa Cupula opened as Mexico’s first high-end LGBTQ property in 2002. In the years since, the 5-bedroom guesthouse and oasis for gay travelers has grown into an 18-room full resort. It has played an integral role in elevating Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as Mexico’s gay vacation mecca, by catering to sophisticated LGBT travelers.

 “We have been part of a great movement to modernize the image of Puerto Vallarta by showcasing the contemporary and luxurious offerings found in our Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta’s ‘gayborhood,’” said Don Pickens, Owner of Casa Cupula. “Today, Vallarta is proud to be one of the most important international gay destinations, and Casa Cupula is consistently rated among the top hotels in Vallarta.”

Book the Frida Suite with Casa Cupula’s other rooms and suites from Feb 12 – March 21 in a midweek special of 25% off Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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