30 November, 2017

Surf Air Now Accepting Payment Via Bitcoin And Ethereum

Surf Air, the world's largest "All-You-Can Fly" air travel club has announced it will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as a form of payment for its monthly membership and charter offerings. This marks a major milestone in aviation as this will be the first time a travel provider has been able to successfully execute the acceptance of cryptocurrency. Beginning on November 29, 2017, Surf Air members can quickly and securely pay for Surf Air services using the purely digital currency and unlock the growing network of flights within the United States and Europe, including over 70 daily flights in California between cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay Area, 30 daily routes spanning across Texas, including Dallas, Houston and Austin and recently launched service in Europe between London, Ibiza and Zurich.

Moving to Bitcoin and Ethereum was a natural progression for Surf Air, whose Silicon Valley roots have catapulted the company onto the forefront of this larger cryptocurrency conversation. "Surf Air was built on the idea of disrupting and changing the way the world sources, purchases and accesses air travel so it only makes sense that we would also be on the cutting-edge of accepting disruptive and progressive forms of payment such as Bitcoin and Ethereum," said Sudhin Shahani, chairman and CEO of Surf Air. "Similarly, Bitcoin users are a tremendously motivated community of early adopters. By creating connective tissue between these forward-thinking business models, I believe we're molding the future for consumer-first, experience-driven commerce," Shahani continued. "We are focused on staying on the bleeding edge of technology as a way to provide the most progressive, secure and efficient air travel in the world. Digital currency has been on our radar from the very beginning and we are excited to provide our members with another quick and seamless way to do business with Surf Air," he concluded.

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