12 November, 2017

Copa's 3rd quarter income is over $100 million.

Copa Holdings,  announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2017 (3Q17) on Wednesday showing a net income of US$103.8 million for 3Q17 or earnings per share (EPS) of US$2.45, compared to net income of US$74.0 million or earnings per share of US$1.75 in 3Q16.

Excluding special items, the Company would have reported an adjusted net income of US$100.8 million, or adjusted EPS of US$2.38, compared to an adjusted net income of US$55.3 million or adjusted EPS of US$1.30 in 3Q16.  Special items include a non-cash gain of US$2.9 million in 3Q17 and US$19.2 million in 3Q16 related to the mark-to-market of fuel hedge contracts.

Operating income for 3Q17 came in at US$119.1 million, representing a 56% increase over operating income of US$76.4 million in 3Q16, as a result of 13% additional capacity, a 2.4% increase in unit revenue per available seat mile (RASM), and a 3.2% decrease in unit costs.  Operating margin for 3Q17 came in at 18.1%, compared to an operating margin of 13.4% in 3Q16.   

Total revenues for 3Q17 increased 15.6% to US$657.2 million.  Yield per passenger mile increased 1.3% to 12.0 cents and RASM came in at 10.6 cents, 2.4% above 3Q16. 

For 3Q17, consolidated passenger traffic grew 14.9% while consolidated capacity grew 13.0%. As a result, consolidated load factor for the quarter increased 1.5 percentage points to 85.7%. 

Operating cost per available seat mile (CASM) decreased 3.2%, from 8.9 cents in 3Q16 to 8.6 cents in 3Q17.  CASM excluding fuel costs decreased 1.2%, from 6.4 in 3Q16 to 6.3 cents 3Q17.

Cash, short-term and long-term investments ended 3Q17 at US$971.5 million, representing 40% of the last twelve months' revenues.

Copa Airlines faced several operational challenges during the quarter, including severe weather, natural disasters and other external factors that affected the company´s financial results for the quarter and the operation of its hub in Panama City.  These events caused many flight cancelations and delays; as a result, the airline´s Completion Factor and On-Time Performance came in lower than usual, at 98.5% and 82.9%, respectively.

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