20 September, 2017

Tianjin Airlines launch new global website

Tianjin Airlines have launched its new global website which it hopes will optimize the ticket booking experience for the airline's passenger and is the foundation for Tianjin Airlines' strategic internationalization.

According to the director of global website of Tianjin Airlines, the global website covers 4 sub sites during the first stage, including Australia, China, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Tianjin Airlines makes use of international mainstream operation patterns and takes users' habits into consideration during the development of global websites, so passengers overseas can enjoy safe and convenient ticket booking process and related services.

In the aspect of technology, to safeguard the stability and security, Tianjin Airlines cooperates with Amadeus, an experienced world-leading technology service provider who provides technical services in website building and operation technology for top airlines like Lufthansa and Hainan Airlines.

Global website reaches the WCAG2.0 standard recognized by Department of Transportation (DOT) of the USA, so passengers with visual, auditory, or cognitive disabilities can book tickets on this website.

On global website, passengers at home and abroad can book one-way or round-trip tickets by referring to available pricing calendar on both Chinese and English version of 4 sites, better matching overseas passengers' habits.

All tickets of domestic and international flights, both direct and connecting, are available on Tianjin Airlines' global website. In addition, passengers are able to book "multi-cities" tickets, which include six segments at most each time. To facilitate the payment, Alipay for RMB payments, VISA and Master Card for local currencies of four websites are all introduced.

Tianjin Airlines is accelerating its speed of internationalization. Since 2016, Tianjin Airlines has opened inter-continental flights between Tianjin and London via Chongqing as well as flights between Tianjin and Auckland via Chongqing. Thirty international flights in total have been operated. On Oct. 31st, 2017, Tianjin Airlines will launch flights between Chongqing and Melbourne, debuting in Australia market and expanding international routes network. The successful launching of global website marks a crucial step to an international airline.

In the future, the global website of Tianjin Airlines will strive to keep abreast with those of world-leading airlines by introducing more services like online check-in and travel product, providing more comprehensive and passenger-oriented civil aviation services.

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