05 September, 2017

Scoots Indian Plans

The low-cost Singapore Airlines offshoot will soon commence direct flights to Europe from India and they expect to offer flights as low as £150.

Bharath Mahadevan, head of Scoot in India told local media about the plans, "Since we have fifth freedom, we can operate direct flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to destinations like Copenhagen, Vienna, Cairo and Manche"

"A return trip to Europe would cost around Rs 26,000," Mahadevan said, current fares with other airlines are around £539 or around R45,000. 

Scoot offers various prices, from a basic seat only fare, which is literally seat only without check-in baggage, FlyBag fare which includes 20Kg check-in baggage. The next level is 'FlyBagEat' which includes checked baggage and food on-board. 'ScootBiz' is the premium seating option on the low-cost airline also includes a checked bag, food drink, and seat selection. 

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