25 September, 2017

Qatar Retrofitting 777 With New Communications Equipment

Photo mro-network.com
Qatar Airways’ Boeing 777's will soon start flying with a small but significant dome on the top of the fuselage. The airlines' maintenance department is performing retrofits of Inmarsat’s GX Aviation global, high-throughput satellite (HTS) communications equipment on the aircraft.  There will be some flight tests to follow and then the system is expected to be activated later this year.  The maintenance teams will be retrofitting the aircraft when they come in for routine maintenance. 

The airlines latest Airbus A350-900s have already had GX Aviation installations done on the production line, but as yet haven't been turned on. 

“With GX Aviation already equipped on Qatar Airways’ latest Airbus A350s, the first Boeing 777 retrofit installation already complete and several more underway, we are now gearing up to launch GX Aviation across the flagship fleet,” said Leo Mondale. President of Inmarsat Aviation.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Qatar Airways’ passengers experience consistent, reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi in the sky when the service goes live later this year.”