12 September, 2017

Pilot Action Forces More Air Berlin Cancellations

Unofficial action by pilots of troubled airline Air Berlin to cancel numerous flights today, including those it operates on behalf of Eurowings.

Hundreds of pilots called in sick to airberlin over the last 24 hours, such was the unprecedented and seemingly coordinated sickness reporting that the airline was unable to operate a normal schedule.

Passengers affected will be offered other travel plans and were asked to contact airberlin and not go to the airport.  Passengers whose flights are part of a package deal should contact their travel provider or tour operator.

Over 100 flights have had to be canceled and local media report 250 pilots called in sick, although this figure has not been verified or confirmed. Many see this self-defeating action by the pilots as further damaging to the possibility of the airberlin being rescued as a whole and detrimental to their own future re-employment.  One pilot who is working today told us, "It is a pointless action, it only disrupts passengers, it could make it more difficult for the potential buyers to continue with [their] plans"

"It's appalling, its like they - the pilots don't want anyone to buy the airline, or give them new jobs. They should be ashamed of themselves" Said E Bansol an airberlin passenger whose flight had been cancelled due to the pilot's action.

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