03 September, 2017

Changes Ahead For Sri Lankan Airlines

It's been announced that SriLankan Airlines is to undergo and thorough review into its operations after a specially conducted review was submitted to the Prime Ministers office.

The comprehensive review details how to restructure the airline, reduce costs and halt the haemorrhaging of losses that have afflicted the airline in recent years. The document also details plans and methods of keeping the airline flying whilst a new international partner is sought to assist or partially take over the airline. 

The airline has had a troubled past, not least financially, however another report into the airline back in 2015 found the carrier to be wasteful, mismanaged, corrupt and a sexual predators paradise where the top level management would demand sexual activity from staff members. This level of incompetent management had fostered an atmosphere of indiscipline and corruption at all levels.  

The airline is under a different management team now and it is hoped that the new report will be acted upon rapidly and the troubled airline would once again rise to be a major player in the region. SriLankan currently serves a network of 105 cities in 47 countries with a sophisticated new fleet of Airbus A330s, A320neos and A321neos, with their comfortable seating, state of the art entertainment systems, and the airline’s award-winning service. The airline is also a member of the Oneworld global alliance. 

Recently the airline celebrated its 38th birthday with a mass give away of 1000's of free tickets to partners travelling together if they paid by visa card. 

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