23 September, 2017

40 Dreamliners for Turkish Airlines

Aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing and Turkish Airlines have announced the airline's intention to order 40 787-9 Dreamliners. 

"The 787 Dreamliner is the most technologically advanced aeroplane in the world," said M. ฤฐlker Aycฤฑ, chairman of the board and the executive committee, Turkish Airlines. "Our intent to purchase these Dreamliners is to meet the demand for wide-body aeroplanes at the 3rd Airport, further strengthen our fleet capacity on the 100th anniversary of the Republic and to enhance passenger satisfaction."

"Turkish Airlines is a great partner, and we value their confidence in us and the 787 Dreamliner," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Kevin McAllister.

Boeing and the Turkish government also announced the Boeing Turkey National Aerospace Initiative, which is designed to support the growth of the Turkish aerospace industry, in conjunction with the targets set by Turkey's Vision 2023, and strengthen Boeing's presence in the market. 

Read more on the deal after the Presidents met. 

"Boeing's relationship with Turkey spans more than 70 years and we have outstanding long-term partnerships," said Ray Conner, Boeing vice chairman. "Working together with Turkey, we are now taking our collaboration to the next level, which will accelerate the growth of the Turkish aerospace industry while achieving Boeing's long-term objective to expand its presence in the marketplace."

The initiative outlines a strategic framework that aligns Boeing investment and programs with the government, Turkish airlines, aerospace service companies and industry suppliers in the areas of research, engineering and skills development. It reflects Boeing's confidence in the long-term outlook for Turkey as a significant market and a leading global industry participant.

Boeing has maintained a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with Turkey since the 1940s. Boeing is a provider of commercial jetliners to Turkish airlines and a significant and trusted partner of the Turkish aerospace industry. 

However, this latest deal was only announced after US President Donald Trump met with Turkish President Erdogan at The White House where the deal was mentioned. The two have had an up and down friendship since the building of Trump Towers in Istanbul and various other business dealings.  It is believed, according to local media in Turkey that this deal for Dreamliners is conditional on Trump exerting influence on Europe for Turkey's admittance into the EU, as well as the US turning a blind eye to Turkey's slow encroachment and take over of Syrian land.  Istanbul is also a potential location for a new Trump Hotel, the group has had difficulty in finding a suitable site, at least up until now, following the meeting, our local contact believes this will change shortly.  

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