23 August, 2017

SkyWest Flight Diverts Due To Turbulence

A SkyWest Airlines aircraft operating flight AA3167, on behalf of American Eagle has had to divert to St Louis following severe turbulence. 
The jet was en route to Chicago when it hit a patch of what has been described as severe air turbulence, which has resulted in at least three people being injured and was then forced to divert to St louis Lambert Airport.

SkyWest issued the following statement - "SkyWest Flight 3167, operating as American Eagle from Atlanta to Chicago, diverted to St. Louis after it briefly encountered unexpected severe turbulence. The flight landed without incident in St. Louis, where paramedics met the aircraft. A flight attendant and two customers were transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation. The safety of all onboard our aircraft is our primary concern. Both American Airlines and SkyWest are taking care of our passengers and crew at this time."

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