Wednesday, 16 August 2017

New Summer Routes For AirBaltic As More CS300's Arrive

The Latvian airline Air Baltic announces its first destinations for the summer season of 2018, starting on March 27, 2018. Next summer airBaltic will have more than five new destinations added to its route map.

Wolfgang Reuss, Senior Vice President Network Management of airBaltic: “So far 2017 has been an excellent year for airBaltic – already seven brand new Bombardier CS300 aircraft have successfully joined our fleet as we are serving a growing family of customers. We are delighted to share the first glimpse of forecast how our 2018 is going to look, by announcing a wider selection of destinations that our customers have demanded for the next summer. Network expansion is a key part of our Horizon 2021 business plan that enables us to further improve connections between the Baltic region and the rest of the world.”

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During the first six months of 2017, airBaltic has carried a total of 1 565 462 passengers throughout its network spanning Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS and the Middle East, which is the second highest number of passengers in the history of the airline. airBaltic’s improved connectivity, efficient aircraft and low cost base will further enable to continue its expansion as No 1 carrier of the Baltic region.

For the summer season of 2018 airBaltic has added Malaga (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Split (Croatia), Bordeaux (France) and Gdansk (Poland). Additional new destinations will be announced in the future. A complete schedule of airBaltic flights can be found on the company's homepage at

Destination served
Flight frequency
Start date
Price *,
Price *,
Riga – Lisbon (Portugal)
2 weekly
March 27, 2018
99 EUR
159 EUR
499 EUR
Riga – Gdansk (Poland)
3 weekly
March 27, 2018
29 EUR
99 EUR
299 EUR
Riga – Malaga (Spain)
2 weekly
March 28, 2018
99 EUR
159 EUR
479 EUR
Riga – Split (Croatia)
2 weekly
May 21, 2018
89 EUR
149 EUR
439 EUR
Riga – Bordeaux (France)
2 weekly
June 3, 2018
79 EUR
139 EUR
479 EUR
*Lowest fare (one way), including taxes, fees and service charges, subject to availability.
On August 11th 2017, the airline welcomed the seventh Bombardier CS300 out of a total order of 20 aircraft to the fleet. By the end of this year, airBaltic plans to have eight CS300 aircraft.

The seventh airBaltic CS300 aircraft, registered as YL-CSG arrived in Riga at 10.46, local time on the 11th after a 7 hour and 13 minute flight direct non-stop from Montreal-Mirabel, a total distance of 6382 km's.

The new Bombardier CS300 aircraft, with a total of 145 seats, offers wider seats, larger windows, more hand luggage space in the cabin, improved lavatories and more. The new aircraft is also much quieter, four times smaller noise footprint, plus at the moment, it is the greenest commercial aircraft in the world, as it is the first aircraft to have a transparent declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact, helping to reduce CO2 and NOX emissions by 20% and 50% respectively.

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