19 August, 2017

CRJ's Enable Shree Airlines To Operate Fixed Wing Services. Nepal

The largest helicopter operator in Nepal, Shree Airlines, has now launched a new regional fixed-wing jet service, with three Bombardier CRJ aircraft.

The airline already owns and operates a large mixed fleet of helicopters in Nepal and in Africa, mainly on charter work and also on occasion for UN Peace-Keeping Operations as well as World Food Programme. The new expansion into fixed-wing operations will allow the tiny airline to serve a larger part of the Nepalese population whilst complementing its rotor-wing services. 

“We are pleased to welcome Shree Airlines to the worldwide family of CRJ Series aircraft operators,” said David Speirs, Vice President, Asset Management at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. 
"The CRJ Series aircraft have been instrumental in revolutionizing regional route networks, and we are confident that Shree Airlines will achieve much success as it launches fixed-wing operations in the regions of Nepal with two CRJ200 aircraft and one CRJ700 aircraft.”

What does Shree mean?

Shree, which roughly translates to 'auspicious beginnings' commenced the first of its jet services with the CRJ200 on 11th August.

“We are continuously looking for optimal solutions to address the increasing transportation demands in Nepal, and the launch of our new regional jet service with the CRJ200 and CRJ700 aircraft represents a significant milestone in our growth journey.” said Anil Manandhar, Corporate Manager, Shree Airlines. 

“With its proven efficiency and reliability, the CRJ Series aircraft will allow us to improve domestic transportation, and will be a key asset in helping Shree Airlines expands its operations to the regional markets in the future.”

(photos from Bombardier )

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