Friday, 28 July 2017

Ryanair Boss Earns £8k A Day

As passengers have to pay a small fortune to sit together on one of his aircraft, Michael O'Leary, the Ryanair Chief Executive gets paid almost £8000 a day to sit in his seat!

Yes, the boss of the budget irish airline took home earnings of €3.26million last year, that's £2.92million,  which calculates at approximately €8,931 / £7,987 per day.  The figures released  atis week revealed he got an increase of £89,000 from last year.  But it's not just his wages that are soaring, so to are complains to the airline. 

Ryanair’s 2017 annual report indicates Michael O’Leary was paid a salary of €1million / £890,000 plus bonus and share compensation. Not bad at all for working what normally works out to a four day week.   The canny boss also sold four million shares in the company, earning him close to  €72million / £64 million.

The news of such a high salary increase will anger many of the airlines passengers who have to pay extra if they want to seat together after the airline introduced a split booking random allocation policy. Meaning they will divide up people on the same booking to random seats to ensure they are not seated together unless they pay.  The new policy forces young children to be seated with strangers, even in the middle of rowdy and lewd stag and hen parties. 

The aggressive passenger hating boss accused passengers of  whining about the charges and the changes to the seating policy, saying “The whining, whinging minority out there that somehow believe they should have the right to sit where they like free of charge.   Sorry you can’t because more than half of our passengers want to pay a very small fee to select their seat.”    Although, it's not that the other passengers WANT to pay a fee, they are forced into it, or risk having their five-year old son or daughter sitting next to slightly inebriated rugby players at opposite ends of the cabin than their parents. 

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