Friday, 28 July 2017

End of the line for the A380?

Hot news from Airbus.....The aircraft manufacturer is slowing down the production rate of its super jumbo the double decked A380 even more.   The future of vast aircraft looks even more bleak after the European aircraft company confirmed it was cutting production to just 8 air frames in 2019. 

The group says  “considering the current order booking situation” production of the A380 will be reduced to eight in 2019.  It was only last year that that announced they were slowing down the rate of completion to 12 a year by 2018.  

 Demand for the giant aircraft has waned as some airlines are looking to the more efficient long haul twin jet.  However Airbus' dithering over the future of its biggest passenger aircraft is causing headaches and anger for many of its biggest customers.  Both Emirates and Etihad are operators of the A380 and are wanting an updated version of the four engined beast of the skies.                                                                           

They see their future plans clearly with the need for large aircraft continuing indefinitely, providing it can be more efficient.  They need to make decisions soon, yet if Airbus stall for much longer on the future of the A380, it coul be that the gulf airlines will be moving to an all American made fleet during the next decade. 

How does it feel to fly with the best ?