20 July, 2017

Joon - The Air France 'Youth' Brand Budget Airline

The Air France-KLM Group will start flights this autumn of  'Joon' its low fare budget airline, that will go all out to target millennial customers. 

Joon - previously talked about under the code-name 'Boost' plans to operate mainly medium-haul services from Paris,  Charles de Gaulle airport, then towards the end of next year it may venture into the long-haul market place. 

This new brand will be positioned to serve primarily adults aged 18 to 35 and is part of Air France-KLM Chief Executive Officer Jean-Marc Janaillac’s strategy to increase earnings amid intensifying competition from mainly low cost carriers.  he says the airline will offer a mix of flights to European cities and destinations further away would follow later.  It echos the expansion of Norwegian and its trans-Atlantic and Asian routes. Janaillac’s plans for Joon have been rather complicated by the need to end staff strikes and cut costs 

Janaillac has worked out deals for Joon flight attendants to work under contracts separate from Air France labour agreements, leaving them worse off than their counterparts, but saving the new airline thousands. The flight deck crew  while pilots will retain most of their original contract conditions from the main division after agreeing to £36m ($46m) in cost savings including giving up some days off.

The name Joon, which echoes the word “jeune” for “young” in French, is “short, punchy and international” and marks a “lifestyle brand” designed for a worldwide audience, Air France said. The business was “entirely designed” to win over millennial-generation customers whose lives revolve around digital technology, it said.

Operations will start with six medium-haul planes, with four added for the long-distance flights next year, an Air France spokeswoman said by phone. While the company has outlined an electric-blue corporate colour for Joon.   They have big plans for a big fleet of modern aircraft, but their running it on a shoestring budget.