Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bomb Threat Diverts Turkish 777

A Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 has been forced to make an emergency diversion to Morocco after a bomb threat, the airline has confirmed.
The 777-300ER plane was on a flight from Istanbul to Sao Paulo when it was forced to make a detour to Casablanca airport, earlier today. The aircraft landed safely at the Moroccan airport at 12.30pm GMT. 
According to some reports, a note with the word 'bomb' scrawled on it was found in the toilet of the aircraft. However this has been denied by by the airline who said "Turkish Airlines Istanbul – Sao Paulo flight TK15, carrying 256 passengers today has diverted to Casablanca Mohammed V international airport after bomb threat. The necessary investigation onboard has now terminated and it become clear that the threat in question was untrue. Our passengers will be retaken onboard and the flight will continue to Sao Paolo" 

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