14 March, 2015

Korean Nut Row Continues

Korean Air

The Korean Nut Row Continues!
It was December last year that a row developed just after a Korean Air flight from New York to South Korea had pushed back about nuts began, which has played out publically ever since.

The argument started when Heather Cho, daughter of the airlines chairman  was served macadamia nuts in a bag instead of the airlines preferred and usual porcelain bowl. According to one side, she reportedly went into a full blown rage about the service slight and then assaulted flight attendant Kim Do-hee. Apparently this onslaught of anger  was both verbal and physical and has resulted in part to Cho, who at the time of the incident was also a Korean Air executive, being given a one year prison sentence.
Now it has emerged that Kim Do-hee has decided to sue the now-former chairman, Cho, and Korean Air.  The lawsuit was filed on Monday accordingly to local media, at the Queens County Supreme Court of New York and confirmed by Kim's legal advisors at Weinstein Law Firm.  Andrew J. Weinstein the law firm founder has been quoted saying, “This case will demonstrate that Heather Cho’s actions were not only humiliating, degrading and damaging to Ms. Kim, but were also emblematic of Ms. Cho’s unbridled arrogance and disturbing sense of entitlement.”
The row has been so damaging to Kim that in fact during Cho’s trial, Kim was offered a position as a college professor from Korean Air in exchange for her cooperation in Cho’s trial. Ms Kim has also earned thousands for a media interviews.   This row about nuts is nuts and is set to continue for sometime.