Friday, 8 April 2022

DHL 757 Crash investigation underway

A DHL Boeing 757 cargo jet slid off the runway and broke in half while landing at San Jose’s international airport Thursday, causing major disruption and delays.  The local fire department reported the 757 had taken off from Juan Santamaría Airport just west of the capital, but the crew, who survived the crash, chose to return after reporting hydraulic system failure.

Upon landing the aircraft broke up, the fire department said “Units mobilized to remove the pilot and co-pilot.  Then they applied foam to prevent a spill and now they are working on an earthen dike to avoid any fuel from reaching the drainage system.”

DHL said in a statement that the pilots had been taken for medical evaluation and it was working with local authorities to both investigate the incident and move the aircraft.

Luis Miranda, deputy director of civil aviation for Costa Rica, told local media that the aircraft had only managed to get around 35 miles from the airport when the pilot asked to turn back. He advised the pilot and co-pilot were the only crew on the jet at the time of the crash and the plane was carrying enough fuel for around 2½ hours flying.

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